FLOW TECH, s.r.o.
Nastrojarna Zlin

trida Tomase Bati 5330, Zlin 760 01
Company FLOW TECH, s.r.o. focuses on the production of fixtures, dies, single-purpose machines and equipment or machine parts. Most of our products are used in the automotive industry or in other areas such as aerospace, precision engineering, rail vehicles and power engineering. We also offer other services such as design, technology design, NC programming, 3D measurement, gauge calibration, custom machining and equipment service.

Tool shop, production:
 - fixtures, hydraulic and mechanical fixtures
 - single-purpose machines and equipment, assembly lines, positioners, control jigs
 - pallet stacker
 - machine parts - progressive dies
 - riveting tools.

Other activities:
 - modifications, repairs of tools and service of delivered equipment
 - custom machining
 - development and design activities
 - technology design
 - programming for NC and CNC machines
 - 3D measurement, measurement protocol
 - calibration of gauges.

Our company manufactures fixtures, machines and tools as standard and custom-made and thanks to our rich experience we deliver high-quality products. We dispose of conventional machines, modern NC machine, vertical and horizontal machining center. We are located at Třída T.Bati 5330 in Zlín.

  • engineering production, machining and turning, milling of metal parts, automatic lathes, custom metalworking
  • feed preparation machines, mixers and grinders, scales and control units, dry mixtures production
  • engineering drawings, material processing, milling machine operation, sand blasting of small parts, annealing of metal parts, tool manufacture
  • laboratory measuring apparatus, revision measuring apparatus, accessories to measuring technology, decibel meters, speedometers
  • manufacture of single-purpose machinery, distribution of belt lines, manufacturing lines, assembly lines

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Single-purpose machines, assembly lines, control products, positioners - development, production Czech Republic

Single-purpose machines, assembly lines, control products, positioners - development, production Czech Republic

FLOW TECH s.r.o. from the Czech Republic deals with the design, development and production of single-purpose machines. The production is focused on assembly lines, control products mainly for automotive industry, engineering. FLOW TECH s.r.o. from Zlin is engaged in the design, development and production of single-purpose machines and clamping fixtures, pressing tools. We supply assembly lines for various industries - especially for the automotive, precision engineering, aerospace industry and rail vehicles and power industry. Assembly lines - equipment for many industries: - assembly of brakes, lights, hinges - automotive industry - chassis assembly - rolling stock. Control products: - single-purpose device for measuring, testing, inspection of parts. Positioners: - equipment for handling parts, with fixtures and with complete machinery. Valve test equipment: - for testing the tightness of the finished valves with full functionality - Testing is performed without operator presence.