Stavebniny Doubravy - Jaroslav Mrazek

  • manual tools, pneumatic tools, workshop equipment, electrical tools, floor-laying tools, rotary tools

  • building materials, sale of loose materials, artificial stone and brick, concrete mixtures, sale of building materials

  • sales of tiling profiles, distribution of ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramics, tile installation, kitchen pavement

  • concrete components, concrete blocks, concrete pavement, concrete centerings and columns, concrete tanks, concrete road elements

  • small stoneware, bratčice grit, polished sand, backfill sand, other construction materials

  • elastic hydro insulating plasters, insulation glues, gap filling materials, silicone putties, mineral felt, insulating gaskets

  • assembly of plasterboard structures, plasterboard ceiling panels, plaster fibre boards, glues for plasterboard assembly

  • stone tiles, stone working, marble products, travertine and granite, stonework

Retail, sale:
-building, building material.

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Stavebniny Doubravy - Jaroslav Mrazek


c.149, areal ZD
Doubravy 763 45
+420 777 900 126

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