DOS-TRADING spol.s r.o.

Palackeho 157, Moravske Budejovice 676 02
Wholesale, retail trade, sale - spare parts for agricultural machinery:
-harrow parts - light, medium, heavy
-high-pressure hoses
-spare parts for ploughs, combiners, sowing machines and agricultural machinery ROSS Roudnice
-spare parts for tractors UR I
-spare parts for ploughs OSTROJ Opava
-chain conveyors RU5, RUB, RMA8
-hoses PLEXACO, MATADOR of diameter 50, 60, 70, 80, 105, 125, 150
-plough B201 - spare parts
-plough KVERNELAND - spare parts
-scythes, shakers, chains of inclined conveyor for combine harvesters E512, 514, 516, 517
-tyres MATADOR
-compressor hoses
-chain mill apron RVD9 including spare parts and further wide variety of spare parts for agricultural machinery.

  • cars and motorcycles, trucks and lorries, four-wheelers and minibikes, agricultural equipment
  • machine components, handling equipment accessories, components for transport systems, parts for industrial machines
  • blade cultivator, mulch harrow, subsurface ploughs, rollers and compactomats, self-loading transporters

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