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Horanska cesta 706, Most 434 01
Wholesale and retail:
- electrical installation material - strips, cables, switchboards, circuit breakers, LED panels, lamps, light bulbs, fans, boilers, switches, sockets.

- repairs and installation of electrical installations.

- direct heating convectors

Comprehensive system for economical DEVI electric floor heating:
- heating cables DEVIsnow ™ 30T (DTCE), DEVIbasic ™ 20S (DSIG), DEVIasphalt ™ 30T (DTIK), DEVIflex 10T, DEVIflex 6T, DEVIflex 18T, DEVIsafe 20T
- heating mats DEVIcomfort ™ 100T (DTIR), DEVIcomfort ™ 150T (DTIR), DEVImat ™ 100T (DTIF), DEVImat ™ 150T (DTIF), DEVIheat ™ 150S (DSVF),
- DEVIlink, DEVIREG TM Touch control
- DEVITEMP hot air fans
- bathroom towel dryers

Protection system for outdoor areas, roofs, gutters, gutters and downspouts from ice and snow.

Safe entrances to garages.

Protection of pipes and tanks against frost
and their tempering, domestic water heating.

Projects, supplies, installation, consulting and service.

  • electric cables, power adaptors, rechargeable batteries, home switches, house sockets, motion sensors, frequency converters, electrical conductors
  • radiator valves and taps, expansion tanks, safety and air-relief valves, manometers and thermometers
  • building lighting, interior light fixtures, outdoor light fittings, LED lights, wall lights and spotlights, pendant lights, designer lamps
  • heavy current distribution systems, electrical wiring, wiring repairs, electrical equipment service, door bell wiring, intercom wiring, preparation of CATV wiring, Internet connection preparation

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