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  • metallurgical materials, hanging systems, small hardware, iron hooks, strips for ironmongery, metal mesh

  • concrete building elements, pavements and prefabricated elements, kerbs and palisades, small cement products

  • metal entrance gates, blacksmith production, metal fence, fence and gate accessories, metal structures

GAVES-DM s.r.o. is engaged in production, sale, supply and assembly of fencing. You can find in our assortment
various types of mesh and fencing - both galvanized and plastic coated mesh, but also 2 D or 3D fence panels. We are able to supply and assemble all the products we produce in the region of South Moravia, or in the vicinity of Znojmo, Třebíč, Břeclav, Mikulov, Hodonín, Jihlava, Dačice, Jemnice, Telč, Slavonice, Pohořelice, Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, Brno-venkov and Jindřichův Hradec .

In our work, we place great emphasis on the quality of all our produced and supplied fences, mesh and fencing. You can enclose your house, garden or any other plot with the following types of mesh:

It is one of the most used and maintenance-free type of fencing at an advantageous price, which is extremely resistant to corrosion and has a surface coating - plastic coating, while inside is galvanized steel wire. Available in green (RAL 6005) and packed in compact or classic rolls of 25 bm aesthetically pleasing. It is suitable for demarcation of gardens, family houses, industrial buildings, parks, but also finds its use in construction, agriculture and forestry. Accessories such as tensioning wire, eyelets, binding wire, tensioning ratchets and rod are also available.

Made of galvanized wire, which guarantees high fencing strength. Its properties meet all requirements for use, durability and aesthetics. We usually wrap the mesh in classic or compact rolls of 25 bm without tensioning wire or with tensioning wire. It can be used to enclose family houses, forestry, agricultural or industrial buildings. The complementary assortment for this type of mesh includes tensioning or binding wire and tensioning ratchet.

Fence panels 2D, 3D
These panels are made of hot-dip galvanized steel wires where both vertical and horizontal wires have a diameter of 5.00 mm - the standard width of the panels themselves is 2506 mm. The panels are provided with 2 to 4 longitudinal punches depending on the height of the panels, which ensure greater strength and excellent appearance of the panel. The side and bottom ends of the panels are smooth, the upper end is with a 3 cm long overlap of vertical wires. Commonly available in RAL 6005, other RAL shades available at extra cost. Suitable for fencing houses, parks, schools, sports facilities, industrial and military buildings around areas where the highest security of buildings is required. In addition to fence panels, we are also able to supply system gates, gates and other components in various designs and finishes. The panels can also be purchased with needle, fence and circular posts.

In addition to the above assortment, we also produce special types of mesh, such as ornamental and decorative welded mesh, which are made of galvanized steel wires and subsequently coated with high-quality adhesive plastic. Farmers and foresters will find everything necessary for fencing in our country as well - we can offer you forestry knot and farm welded mesh or breeding and trade fences. We also produce highway and road mesh and mobile fences.

We also sell ornamental concrete fences from Czech manufacturers. The advantage of concrete fences is that they are low-maintenance, have a very long life and aesthetic appearance, protect your privacy and are completely demountable.
Available in several decors - bricks, chipped stone, flat stones, tiles, wood, veins, etc. You can also buy unique Zenturo panels, thanks to which you can create gabion walls or fence panel system with the possibility of decorative panels - so called pixels .

We also produce tailor-made gates, gates or gates. You can also buy rake boards or shielding fence screens, ground screws and fencing accessories such as tensioning and binding wires, ratchets, tensioning bars and more.

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