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Construction of wooden fences, walls, pergolas and terraces

Construction of fences
We produce and supply turnkey wooden fences including construction work, locksmith work - gates, gate, steel posts, drives for gates. We mostly supply wood panels with surface treatment and assembly. Very popular is the delivery of complete wooden fence kits. We also offer fences, prisms, fence fields, complete kit of wooden fences, balcony panels, wooden walls, wooden pergolas, wooden terraces and decking tiles.

The dominant feature of high quality wooden fences is not only the quality of material and machining, but also the surface finish
DELTA Hydrostop 9.04 / DELTA Active 5.11 and precise adherence to coating technologies.
With a wooden fence is the most important quality coating, moisture and mold acting in every season!

 Fence fields we offer classic, horizontal and roof. We recommend roof fences for long life. The canopy prevents rain water from entering the wood and thus extends the life of the fence.

 Our deliveries of all products are complete from surveying, design, production, surface treatment, transport and assembly.

Fence repair - RENOVATION
Renovation of wooden fences (painting or replacement of fences) is recommended in the period April - September, the reason is optimal weather.

Pergolas and shelters
Complete delivery of pergolas. We supply pergolas from surveying, fitting of anchoring feet, assembly and surface treatment. The construction of pergolas is made from dried spruce planed KVH prisms. Surface treatment DELTA Hydrostop 9.04 / DELTA Active 5.11. Roofing is carried out according to the customer. Polycarbonate roofing or decking and shingle roofing are often used.

Outdoor wooden terrace
Complete delivery of wooden terraces including construction work. Highly used domestic material pine, larch or exotic material bangkirai and massaranduba. Domestic and exotic wood such as bangkirai or massaranduba, it is necessary to regularly treat with special oil Pullex Bodenöl, so that the wooden floor still has the original appearance.

 Construction of fences, walls, pergolas, wooden terraces - guarantee high quality, favorable price and guarantee of delivery on time.
Our goal is a satisfied customer.

Operations in Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Prague and anywhere you need us.

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