Esthetic Medical Clinic
Klinika esteticke mediciny Praha

obličejová maska, kaviár

Our center focuses on treatment and removal of the most common aesthetic problems.
You will find us in the very centre of Prague, near the Krizikova metro station.

In our beauty salon a team of experienced nurses, beauticians and also a doctor-dermatologist will take care of you, using the latest technologies.

We offer the following services: laser treatment
- Botox and dermal fillers
- Rejuvenation
- Plasma skin smoothing
- Treatment of scars, stretch marks and acne
- Removal of wrinkles-mesotherapy, pigment spots and veins
- Non-invasive painless liposuction
- Exilis liposuction
- Permanent laser hair removal
- Non-invasive facelifting
- Permanent makeup, peeling
- Eyelashes extensions
- Medical cryolipolysis
- Treatment of alopecia-biostimulative laser shower
- Cellulite removal-shock wave
- Fractional laser
- IPL-intensive pulsed light

- classic health
- aromatherapeutic
- anticellulite with ozone wrap
- hot stone
- reflex therapy and foot massages.

Permanent makeup with the Longtime-liner method:
- eyebrows, eyeliner, lips
- appearance corrections
- body and face treatment using plasma flows

The New Age plasmacare face treatment includes:
- treatment of wrinkles, acne
- stretch marks and pigmentation problems.

To make you feel as good as possible we provide refreshment, as well as background facilities for babysitting of children from 2 months of age. We are proffesionals with expertise and human approach.

Our wish is to have satisfied customers who would happily come back.

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