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Chebska 392/116B, Karlovy Vary 360 01
Telephone: +420 359 807 094

Welcome to Auto Eder, s.r.o.

We sell new, warehouse, used and demonstration cars Toyota and Volvo, including sales, rental and service of Toyota handling equipment.

We are an authorized partner of the Toyota brand and have been operating on the market since 2009.

Authorized Volvo dealer:
CROSSOVER - Volvo XC60, XC70, XC90
KOMBI - Volvo V40, V40 Cross country, V60, V70
SEDAN Volvo S60, S80.

We sell new cars, used, warehouse and demonstration.
We provide authorized Volvo service, including the supply of spare parts and additional services.
We provide above-standard services in a pleasant environment of our customer zone.
Our advantage is night and weekend car service.

Car service:
- body repairs without painting
- renovation of headlights with 3M technology
- vehicle conversions, sale of spare parts and accessories
- rental of roof racks and a spare vehicle
- MOT and emissions
Last but not least, we perform non-contact body washing.

A part of the new Eder Showroom is a so-called waiting zone with refreshments and the use of the Internet.

Complete unique Toyota model line:

We will personally acquaint you with the features of the car on a demonstration ride, which is of course free.

We provide a wide portfolio of services such as:
- Program 3+ and 5+
- regular maintenance
- washing and cleaning vehicles
- sale of original spare parts and accessories
- mediation of car financing and insurance
- purchase of vehicles
- complete service work, including warranty and post-warranty
warranty repairs
- delivery and collection of a replacement vehicle
- towing service
- above-standard services not only for older Toyota cars
- Toyota Eurocare assistance service.

We offer a unique service program for Toyota vehicles older than 3 or 5 years - Program 3+ and 5+, which includes:
- quality vehicle repairs after an accident
- free car wash after service
- oil, oil and air filter change
- Replace the front brake pads
- adjustment of the geometry of all wheels
- vehicle diagnostics
- body repair without damage to the paint by PDR method
- collection and delivery of the vehicle directly to the customer free of charge, including removal of the customer
- provision of MOT and emissions
- marking of windows with VIN code - Cebia
- documenting the actual condition of the vehicle for insurance purposes.
The great advantage of this program is that we offer you a reduced hourly rate and a fixed price for classic repairs.

Toyota Material Handling CZ

Toyota material handling equipment for sale:
- manual pallet
- electric pallet, combustion, forklift
- picking, connecting
- electric stackers,
- reach trucks, tractors
- trucks for tractors
- hand trucks and VNA
- semi-automatic and shelving systems.

We provide service, including the supply of spare parts and maintenance of trucks.
Service 365 days a year - dispatching 608114401

Toyota TSC service concept - Easy service system
- Original parts for all handling trucks - TMHE
Direct sales of Toyota + BT spare parts

Our company provides training for companies and individuals: forklift courses, training for forklift operators.

We also offer rental of handling equipment - rental of trucks.
When renting, we will arrange the dispatch of the carts in two hours from the confirmation of the order, including transport there and back.

Our fleet offers 750 trucks.

Our other services include Toyota I_Site - a complete overview of the movement and load of machines and drivers.

We also deal with vehicle conversions.
We carry out modifications of special command and commercial vehicles for the Fire Rescue Corps and the Volunteer Fire Brigade, as well as for the needs of the Forests of the Czech Republic, Municipal Forests and Hunters, and last but not least for off-road vehicles of all brands.
Here, the conversion includes chassis modifications, special tires, chassis covers, protective frames and winches.

At the customer's request, we will rebuild the vehicle for special material transports and mobile workshops.
There is also a charging station for electric cars and hybrid models in the area of our car showroom.

We are part of Toyota Motor Corporation and our in

Reg. No.: 29066476
VAT No.: CZ29066476
District: Karlovy Vary
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: 6 - 25 employees
Turnover: over 3 703 thousand €
Contact person: Jan Eder

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Contact persons:
Jan Eder
tel: +420 359 807 095, +420 608 114 401

Martin Leichter
tel: +420 359 807 094, +420 608 114 190

Vladimir Vanek
tel: +420 359 807 094, +420 724 817 733

Jiri Obyt
tel: +420 359 807 094, +420 608 114 006

Working time:
Po - Pa: 8:00 - 18:00; So: 8:00 - 12:00

GPS: 50°13′33.56″ N, 12°49′5.16″ E

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