Podskubka-Kovovyroba, s.r.o.

62, Podoli 686 04
At Podškubka-Kovovýroba, s.r.o. we focus on the production of metal parts from black sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel and brass, including surface treatment - powder coating and chrome plating, nickel plating, galvanic and hot-dip galvanizing.
Grinding, polishing stainless steel.

Pipe welding - welding in a protective atmosphere of CO2 MIG / MAG and TIG

- bending, bending profiles
- precise bending of pipes on a CNC machine
- bending of sheets on a press brake
- pipe bending - bending machine
- pressing work.

  • manufacture of railings, bar installations, staircase building, locksmith production of structural units, manufacture of steel parts
  • surface treatment of metals, machining of metal materials, round grinding, contour and coordinate grinding, CNC machining
  • metal pressing, eccentric presses, pressing automatons, sheet metal pressing, sheet metal pressed pieces
  • tinning and blackening, decorative chrome plating, anodizing and phosphating, galvanic nickel coating, sanding and polishing, hot-dip galvanizing
  • welding of gates, railing and staircase welding, welding of shelves and racks, welding of large hall structures
  • engineering production, metal processing, steel structures, building metalworking, structures welding, metal machining

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