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Podlahy pro fitness, gumova dlazba

  • household equipment, consumer goods, garden furniture, laundry racks and clotheshorses, household utensils, sports accessories

  • manufacture of rubber strips, fan belts, rubber profile distribution, rubber pads, rubber seal strips

  • glues for pvc floors, pvc flooring, vinyl floors, vinyl floor laying, pvc floor laying

  • artificial grass, tartan and acrylate surface, coarse granulate, clay and grass surface, rubber pads

Sports surfaces and floors for fitness centers, gyms and gyms, anti-slip rubber tiles for playgrounds and multipurpose playgrounds, rubber boards for industry - eg transport and construction.

Floors for fitness centers, gyms, gyms or boxers, also for winter stadiums (resistant to cutting through skates):
- damping and anti-vibration plates with highlights epdm - especially for sports, water absorption below 1%, absorbs impacts, abrasion-resistant, easy maintenance.
- Rubber puzzles and tatami
- crossfit floors for indoor and outdoor use
- rubber flooring in rolls - rubber roll-ons, rubber carpets.

Sports surfaces for children, multipurpose and newly also workout playgrounds:
- anti-slip rubber tiles for children's playgrounds (profiled), suitable under play elements, complying with the relevant standards.
Anti-fall rubber smooth tiles (both sides):
- rubber tiles suitable as a surface for walking, rest and parking areas, insulators for sidewalks, walking shafts in places with electrical tension, suitable for concrete substrates.

Rubber pads for outdoor terraces made to measure.

Rubber black damping plates
Highly resilient elastic plates - dampen vibrations and noise, have extreme load bearing capacity. It is used especially in the construction of transport routes, for the storage of heavy machinery and their anchoring.

Elastic damping plates - for damping vibrations, noises or even loads evenly without significant shocks and fluctuations. Mainly used in building industry, prefabricated products, cable distribution systems and protectors, in industrial buildings as lining, for handling and production floors, etc.

Underlay damping plates 950 - for expansion, optimal seating of building and machinery units, prefabricated staircase bodies, foundations of roof structures, safe zone for storing workpieces, weldments, structures, etc., transport pad for very heavy equipment (steel coils and structures, turbines etc.) )

Underlay cushion boards 1000 - also suitable as flooring for industrial and walkable zones, glass industry, animal segment - floors for stables for horses and livestock.
Derby Surfaces - Circular paddocks for tailored horse training.

Rubber curbs and haunches:
- adding, finishing or overlapping different types of tiles. Designed for sports grounds, playgrounds, sidewalks, gardens, etc.

All delivered materials have a long service life, their properties do not change even under extreme conditions (humidity, temperature, dustiness, etc.). They are resistant to load, dampen noise, have high strength, are not waterproof.

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