Holesovska pohrebni sluzba s.r.o.

Nam. Dr. E. Benese 16/54, Holesov 769 01
Holešov funeral service s.r.o. It functions as a non-stop funeral home, provides all comprehensive services in the event of the death of a person close to you, whether it is arranging a funeral, cremation, including transport of the deceased, music and flowers, excavation of a grave, settlement and registration of a mourning notice.

Funeral service in Holešov, funeral home.

We provide all common services in the field of funeral services. We completely provide or mediate in particular:
- complete provision of burial, cremation
- funerals in the ground
- ecclesiastical, civil, civil funeral
- provision of mourning floral binding
- providing music and floral decorations during the mourning ceremony
- printing of parte, obituary on hold with the possibility of sending to e-mail (in JPG or PDF format)
- settlement of registration and death certificate - administrative service (registration, death certificate, etc.),
- transport of the deceased in the Czech Republic and abroad
- Funeral can also be arranged by phone
- we will arrange the excavation of the grave
- excavation of graves
- scattering and dumping of cremated remains
- Procurement of a bus for the transport of mourning guests
- live music equipment for the ceremony
- transport of the deceased
- dressing, storing, adjusting the deceased
- wide range of coffins and accessories
- funeral feasts or entertainment, documenting the ceremony - photographs, video
- securing a stonemason.

Call the non-stop funeral service on 573334797; 605290183.

When considering the individual possibilities of the last farewell, we will be happy to advise you with regard to what they specifically entail.

Funeral equipment, ie a selection of funeral items and mourning items, the wide range of which is available to us, is also related to the funeral.

  • transport of the deceased, burials and interments, cremation of the deceased, coffin sale, rental of halls for funerals, hearse hire

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