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Na Bahne 1197/5, Opava 747 05
Firma Tool Center Ltd. focuses on complete supply, sale, installation and servicing of boilers. The company's main activities are gas boilers and coal-fired boilers of the Rojek or Benekov brand, of course there is also the revision, start-up, adjustment of boilers, including the provision of a boiler subsidy in the Green Savings program.

We are a specialized and professional company in the field of complete realization of boiler houses for solid fuels (coal, pellets, biomass) and gas, both in manual and automatic mode in Opava.

Supply and sale of brand boilers:
- Rojek
- Benekov
- Bröjte Heizung
- Vollcano from ZK Design
- Viadrus
- Rheem.

Our professionally trained technicians will always take care of all the heating work - from assembly, inspection, overhaul to installation and regular service.

Complex services in the field of thermal engineering:
- automatic boilers for solid fuels, coal and gas
- coal and pellet boilers
- boilers for manual stoking
- gas boilers
- supply of boilers, everything from the design of the system, implementation - which is the installation, connection and adjustment of the boiler, technical support
- guarantee of service throughout the lifetime of the boiler
- revisions

Use of boilers for wood, coal or gas:
- the cheapest and convenient heating system today
- automatic or manual mode
- the possibility of obtaining a financial subsidy under the Green Savings Program
- are environmentally friendly
- made of highly durable and high quality materials
- 6-year warranty and 30-year lifetime
- automatically burn brown coal, wood, vegetable and straw pellets, grain.

In addition to the delivery, servicing and implementation of automatic solid fuel boilers, Tool Center also offers consultancy services provided by the company's engineers and solving questions that customers will encounter during the first months of operation.

It works closely with designers and also offers the following services:

- design of a complete heating system for family houses or apartment buildings.
- thermal audit of the house
- project documentation of central heating and its regulation
- project documentation of boiler rooms
- gas revision
- gas, heating and water distribution.

  • designing of gas pipelines, gas main installation, gas system installations, gas main repairs, maintenance of gas networks, gas equipment inspections
  • industrial water distribution systems, plumbing reconstruction, sewerage installation, reconstruction of sanitary units, water plumber
  • hot water reservoirs, installations of solar systems, boiler regulation, distribution of heating radiators
  • heat pump assembly, solar panel designing, floor heating implementation, boiler replacement

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