Narodna dialnicna spolocnost, a. s.

Dubravska cesta 14, Bratislava 841 04

  • transport logistics, warehousing logistics, logistic processes, flow of goods
  • real estate agencies, sale of flats, sale of homes, rental of commercial premises, association of real estate agencies
  • wedding photographs, studio photographing, exterior photographing, product photographs, photograph retouching
  • storage facilities, storage system, storage services, goods stocktaking, goods sorting by batches, rental of refrigerated warehouses
  • production of printed materials, specialized journals, dailies publisher, magazine market, publishing activities, documents publishing
  • material testing, machines and equipment testing laboratory, gauges testing room, accredited laboratory
  • sporting complex with accommodation, recreational accommodation units, tourist hostels
  • other consumer goods, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, living room accessories
  • energy services, power for households, energy for industry, photovoltaic energy, electric power
  • water connection installation, pipeline cleaning and rehabilitation, water and sewage pipeline cleaning, regeneration of dug wells, water quality, water supply
  • vehicle diagnostics, general engine overhauls, motor oil replacement, repairs of transmissions, shock absorber replacement, car service
  • tax adviser, accounting consultant, complete accounting, tax consultations, final accounts verification, economic result check

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