Heat Transfer Systems s.r.o. HTS
Tepelne vymeniky


Heat Transfer Systems s.r.o.   HTS Tepelné výměníky

Heat Transfer Systems s.r.o. from the Czech Republic, which is an EU Member State, is a part of the global LU-VE Group and focuses on designing and manufacturing lamellar heat exchangers for refrigeration industry, air handling technologies and air-conditioning. These are condensers, evaporators, heating, cooling equipment, etc.

We carry out design, construction, production and sale:
- lamellar heat exchangers for refrigeration, food processing industry and air handling technologies
- heat exchangers for industrial applications
- condensing units
- copper manifolds and components for air conditioners
- heat exchangers for stationary use.

Where are the heat exchangers used:
- air conditioning equipment in health care sector, clean air technology
- air conditioners for vehicles, including rail vehicles, cabs of agricultural machines, trains, buses, trams
- cooling, heating and air-conditioning of buildings
- residual heat utilization
- cooling equipment in food processing industry
- air-cooled condensers for refrigeration and use in air handling technologies
- coolers for distribution boards
- air handling equipment
- air treatment equipment
- heat pumps
- heat exchangers for home and industrial heat pumps.

The possibilities of mobile applications for lamellar heat exchangers are countless:
- Air conditioning of agricultural machines cabs, trains and buses place great demands on the individual parts regarding their performance, durability, setting and technical details. By providing optimized components we significantly contribute to the excellent outputs of air conditioning units which leads to a "feel good factor" for all passengers. Based on this, we, together with our customers, develop specific solutions even for the most complex applications.

The HTS heat exchangers divided into - condensers, evaporators, heating and cooling equipment can be used in:
- compact air conditioners in trains, buses, trams and driver cabs
- switchboard coolers
- air-cooled condensers for cooling and air-conditioning technologies
- air-treatment appliances
- air-conditioning of buildings
- heat pumps
- cooling technologies for food processing industry
- clean air technologies for health care sector
- residual heat utilization
- air handling technologies.


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