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ALFEKO s.r.o. is a company based in the Czech Republic - a member state of the European Union. The company is a producer and supplier of aluminium and iron structures. We specialize in particular in manufacturinga variety ofstainless-steel slides, water slides and tube slides. Our company also ranks among the leading manufacturers of lightweight metal, stainless steel and aluminium structures. We have at our disposal our own premises, technologies, design and development team, and stable personnel.

Unique constructions are born right here, at ALFEKO - thanks to our professional team, we are capable of manufacturing complicated metal structures and realizing other bold projects.

We have capacities to manufacture true marvels made of aluminium and stainless steel -we professionally conduct design and project works, production and supply of the following:

Aluminium structures (we produce our structures mostly as lightweightonesmade of aluminium); however, we can also produce other types of structures on demand, such as, e.g., roofing, walkways and platforms, boarding piers, mobile communications transmitter masts, soccer goals, or firefighter training towers.

Scenic constructions for theatres and festivals (they are always easy to assemble and disassemble in a short time).
- structures for competitions and shows, stage constructions for theatres and the opera, structures for large LED and projections screens, etc.

Stainless steel slides, tube slides for playgrounds.
- we manufacture several types of stainless steel slides (DPN, TS, CL types);
- we can also manufacture custom-made slides according to the customer’s wishes and requirements (terrain hill slides, multi-track slides, slides for outdoor playgrounds and adrenalin parks);
- curved stainless steel slides for outdoor play areas;
- stainless steel water slides for water pools;
- emergency exit slides;
- all stainless steel slides are certified.

Aluminium structures for sports purposes.
- Aluminium supporting structures for large screens in stadiums and arenas, for large media cubes positioned above the playing area, for large screens instands, for illuminatedadvertisements, and for other projection screens.
- We manufacture aluminium goals, tees, baseball protection screens, ball baskets, andplayers’ benches.
- For firefighting training and sport, we manufacture training towers, including landing areas andstarting lanes.

Stainless steel water attractions.
- For aquaparks andcentres for children (water wheels, Archimedes helix, various spill-over elements or small parts for waterways, water streams and playgrounds).

Manhole and fire covers to cover wells, shafts or pits.

We also provide services of welding aluminium, stainless steel and steel structures.

Scaffolding manufacturing and rental.
- special aluminium scaffolding;
- mobile scaffolding.

Lease of special machinery for works at heights (hydraulic platforms, spider mini crane).


Production of stainless steel slides, water slides, aluminium constructions, stage and scenic constructions Czech Republic


Structures for large screens, the Czech Republic

Structures for large screens, the Czech Republic
Our company ALFEKO produces and installs aluminum structures for sports purposes. These are mainly structures for large screens in stadiums and media cubes above the playing surface. We can supply to you complete load-bearing structures for projection screens. We produce various versions of ...
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